Earls Barton Literary Festival

Earls Barton Literary Festival – Global Village Writing Competition


The Earls Barton Literary Festival will take place on the 10th and 11th of June 2017. As part of the festival we want to show how, despite our rural location with are, through the emergence of the internet and our innate shared humanity, a ‘global village’. If you are, or know someone who is, between 9 and 13 years of age by 12 June then please share this document with them as we want them to send us a story. We want to try and receive stories from children from as many countries as possible so please share this link to anyone you know who would like to join us in our quest. The very kind people at Rotary are giving three prizes for the winners:


1st Prize – A Chrome Book

2nd Prize – £50 worth of gift vouchers

3rd Prize – £20 worth of gift vouchers


Stories do not have to be long but do have to show an understanding of the stages of the Hero’s Journey which is a common structure for storytelling used in theatre and movie scripts, novels, fairy tales as well as ancient stories from history and religion spanning all cultures throughout time. These stages are:


  1. The Call To Adventure
  2. Acceptance of The Call
  3. Crossing The Threshold
  4. The Path of Trials
  5. Returning with the Elixir


Here’s a link to a short YouTube video that shows the stages of the Hero’s Journey:


If you scroll down this page you will see a story emerging that is being written by local author, educator and actor Roy Leighton. Roy is working with young people locally, nationally and internationally using this document as a collaborative learning tool to explain the Hero’s Journey process and to write an original story for the festival. Students can comment on the emerging plot, ask questions and talk with the author online. Roy will complete his story on 9 June and during the festival he will give the first public reading of this original piece and share how traditional creative approaches can be combined with modern technology to support the development of education, peace and culture. Everyone attending his workshop will also receive a digital copy of the story.


Stories need to be submitted via email to eblitfest@gmail.com by midnight on Monday 12 June. You can send your story sooner (today if you wish) but no later as we will begin judging that week.


Click here for the competition terms and conditions.




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